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Monomax Ltd. offers a wide range of unique in-house skills and services in order to organise your event to the highest standards, be it a small workshop or a large international congress.

Project management and scheduling

Every event is a special occasion and we know how to meet your needs. We will work on the concept of your event, plan the social program, elaborate scenarios for opening and closing ceremonies, and make your event the best ever.

Venue selection

We know all of the details about possible event venues, and we can select the most suitable venue for you in either Saint Petersburg or its splendid suburbs.

Financial management

We will develop and manage a reasonable budget for your event. Our bank account is available for any accrual of funds from your event. We will produce a detailed financial report following your event.

Publicity and Event promotion

We offer many publicity and promotional services these include the following: advertising and Internet marketing, design of the event Web-site, composition and distribution of announcements and circular letters, press releases, and press conferences.

Hotel accommodation

We will arrange fully-managed accommodations for you and your guests, from first class hotels to budget and university options and we offer the most competitive rates all year round.

Visa support

Visa support is available for any foreign participants.

Printed matter and Abstract handling

We will design, print, and replicate any printed materials that you will need for your event. We will help you to collect and handle abstracts received either by ordinary or electronic mail, and to print abstract volumes and conference proceedings.  

Delegate packets

We will design and produce delegate packets: congress bags with the event logo, folders, pens, abstract volumes, conference programs, etc.

Booking of railway and air tickets

We offer both advance and urgent booking and delivery of railway and airline tickets.

Technical secretariat and on-site management

We will lead all registration (using up-to-date computer systems and software) and attendance confirmation procedures. We will create and manage databases to monitor and control registration and payments. We will recruit additional staff for technical secretariat functions. We will arrange and manage a hospitality desk and service centre for your event participants.

Equipment and facilities

Monomax will deliver any kind of equipment you need to ensure optimal communication with your audience, this includes both audio and visual presentation equipment such as: multimedia, slide and overhead projectors, screens, flip-charts, and equipment for simultaneous translation.

Poster sessions and exhibitions

We will mount all types of poster boards and exhibition stands in order to supply your event with a poster session or a conference-framed exhibition.

Transport arrangements

We offer overall transport co-ordination. Transportation can be arranged on shuttle buses, individual rental cars, buses, minibuses, minivans, and passenger cars.

Cultural programs

We offer excursion programs for participants and spouse programs for these accompanying your participant. This includes individual guides and excursions, booking and delivery of theatre tickets, and post-congress tours around Russia.

Meals and catering

We can arrange coffee-breaks, lunches, banquettes, buffet-dinners, receptions and farewell parties. In addition we handle event opening and closing ceremonies, catering, and restaurant arrangements.

Interpretation and translating

Oral and written translation services. Sequential and simultaneous translation. Individual and group accompaniment and guidance.

Event security measures

Special events handling

Organisation of presentations, receptions, parties, concerts and musical evenings. Video filming and photography.


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