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Events held in 2004


  • Exhibition in the framework of III Therapeutic Congress of Saint-Petersburg and North-Western Region of Russia ( State Medical Pavlov University, February, 25-26 )
  • International Symposium on Foundry Mashines (VDMA, March, 15-17)
  • V Energy Forum within the framework of BASREC Conference «Northern Dimension in a BASREC Perspective» (“Ecotech-Energy-50”, Department of Energy, March, 16-18)
  • XI International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (Central Scientific Research Institute “Electropribor”, May 24-26)
  • XIII Conference “Neuroimunnology” (Institute of Human Brain RAC, May, 24-27)
  • XXXIII International School “Current Problems of Mechanics” (Machinery Problems Research Institute, June 24 – July 1)
  • Pavlov Centenary Symposium “Integrative Phisiology & Behaviour” (Pavlov Phisiology Institute RAS, June, 19-22)
  • 16th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace (International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies , June 14 - 18, 2004)
  • VII International Symposium "Transport noise and vibration"( June 8-10)
  • International Conference on Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing in Economics and Finance(FSSCEF, June 17-20)
  • III European Congress on Hemiptera (Zoological Institute of Russian Science Academy, June 8-11)
  • International Conference “ Actual Problems on Gematology and Blood Transfusion (Insitute of Gematology and blood Transfusion, June 7-11)
  • IX Bulatov`s lections “Actual problems of pulmonoligy and allergology – for general practitioner” (State Medical Pavlov University, June 28-29)
  • International Workshop on Multiple Scattering Lidar Experiments (MUSCLE XIII) ( June 28 – July 1)
  • IX International Conference Speech and Computer (SPECOM'2004) ( September 20-22)
  • XI International Congress on Sound and Vibration (International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration , July 5-8)
  • US-Russia Military HIV\AIDS Prevention Workshop “Current Issues in Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV and AIDS in the Military”( US Department of Defence, Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, Moscow, August 31 – September 2)
  • International Conference “Modern landscape design of cities” (LenNIIProect, September, 6-10)
  • Russian-German Forum “Peterburger Dialog” (Russian-German Fund “Petersburger Dialog”, Hamburg, September, 8-12)
  • Science and research conference “Ischemic Heart and Brain Desease” (State Medical Pavlov University, September, 23-25)
  • German-russian conference “Germanistische Institutpartnershaften” (Deutscher Akademischer Austaushdienst, September 29-October 3)
  • XXIV Conference in memory of N. Ostryakov (Central Scientific Research Institute “Electropribor”, October 13-14)


  • VI annual technichal seminar “The White Nights” (“Si-Nord, June 21-25)
  • Seminar of network`s of pharmacies employees (Pfeizer, September 21-22)
  • Orthodontia Seminar (Dental-Complex, September, 20-21)
  • Orthodontia Seminar (Dental-Complex, May, 21-22)
  • Educational seminar “Curren control for HIV and AIDS within groups of risk behaviour in North-Western region of Russia” (Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, April 13-15)
  • X-ray spectral and X-ray phase analysis school (SPb State University, April 4-23)
  • The cycle of seminars for employees of network of pharmacies (Pfeizer, February 19-26)
  • Edocational program “New managers for Russia - Nord Praktik” (Stockholm Office in Saint-Petersburg, February 20-21)
  • X-ray spectral analysis seminar (SPb State University, February 16-21)
  • Educational seminar “Current control for HIV and AIDS within groups of risk behaviour in Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Moldova” (Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, January 20-21)


  • Neva Book Forum – 2004 (June 4-7)
  • IX International Ecological Festival “Green Look” (Environmental Committee of Saint-Petersburg Administration, September 21-24)
  • XII International Conference and Exhibition “Mechanization of Field Experiments (July 5-7)
  • Ist All-russian Theatre Festival “ Five evenings” in memory of Alexander Volodin (The Saint-Peterspurg Great Drama Theatre, Theatre on Liteyni, February 6-10)
  • VI International Theatre Festival “Meetings in Russia” (April 8-12)
  • “ Intertool” (Orticon-expo, February)
  • “Drevotech” (Sivel, March)
  • “Enterprises integration” (April)
  • “Biotechnology” ( Sivel, June)
  • “Sangigiena- Expo” (Sivel, June)
  • “Expo-gas”, “Aqwa-term” (Orticon-Expo, October)
  • «PAP-FOR» (Sivel, November)
Events held in 2003


  • 12th Ordinary General Meeting of Societas Europaea Herpetologica (Zoological Institute of Russian Science Academy, August 12-16, 150 participants) 
  • 47 European Go Congress (Russian Go Federation, July 19 – August 2, 250 participants)
  • All-Russian Scientific Conference “Advanced Problems of Cardiovascular Surgery" (Cardiovascular department of the Military Medical Academy, April 24-25, 300 participants)
  • Assembly of Heads of Russian Railways (Oktiabrskaya Railway, June, 70 participants)
  • Conference "Present problems of Cardiovascular Surgery" (Cardiovascular department of the Military Medical Academy, April 24-25, 300 participants) 
  • II Annual International Conference on an Inter-faith Perspective on Globalisation (April 25-30) 
  • II Congress of Therapeutists of Saint-Petersburg and North-Western regions of Russia (St.Petersburg Therapeutics Society of Botkin, February 26-27, 800 participants)
  • II International Conference “Current Problems in Optics of Natural Waters” (Optics Society of D. Rozhdestvenskiy, September 9-12, 100 participants)
  • II International Workshop "Mathematical Methods, Models and Architectures for Computer Network Security" (Institute of Automatic and Automatisation, September 21-23, 100 participants)
  • III International Congress of Pharmaceutists (April 23-25, 500 participants) 
  • International Conference “Physics and Control” - PhysCon 2003 (Machinery Problems Research Institute, August 20-22, 600 participants)
  • International Conference CIDOC-2003 (International Committee on IT and Documentation at International Council of Museums, State Museum of Russian Art, September 1-6, 150 participants)
  • International Forum of Heads of Environmental Departments of Saint-Petersburg cities-partners (October) 
  • IV All-Russia Conference "Establishment and Functioning Problems of Studying Youth Employment Assistance Centers and Job Placement of Professional Education Institutions Graduates" (Technology and Design University, City Youth Labour and Education Exchange, March 13-14, 200 participants) 
  • Meeting of Leading Specialists in Higher Education System of EC and NIS countries “Bolonsky Process” (Saint-Petersburg State University, October 28-30, 100 participants)
  • North-Western Internet-Forum (February 25, 500 participants) 
  • Russian-Dutch Conference “Distribution of Authorities in Preservation of the Environment” (DCMR, September, 300 participants)
  • Russian-German Forum "Petersburger Dialog” (Russian-German Fund “Petersburger Dialog”, April 10-12, 300 participants)
  • Saint-Petersburg Meeting of Noble Prize Winners, members of Russian Academy of Science, famous Russian and foreign scientists “Science and Mankind Progress” (Saint-Petersburg Science Center, June 16-22)
  • TACIS Cross-Border Cooperation Small Projects Facilities - Launching Days, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (November 20-21, 150 participants)
  • VIII Meeting of Orthodontists of Russia (Professional Society of Russian Orthodontists, October 8-11, 800 participants)
  • X International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (Central Scientific Research Institute, May 26-28, 2003)
  • XI International Conference on Laser Optics (Institute oа Laser Physics, June 30 – July 4, 300 participants)
  • XIII National Congress of Lung Diseases (Russian Scientific Society of Pulmonologists, November 10-14, 2003)
  • XX International Conference “Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Solids and Constructions. Methods of Boundary and Finite Elements” - BEM&FEM 2003  (Machinery Problems Research Institute, September 24-26)
  • XXII All-Russian Conference “Neuroimmunology”, (Institute of Human Brain, June 30 – July 4, 600 participants)
  • XXXII International School “Current Problems of Mechanics” (Machinery Problems Research Institute, June 22 – July 2, 170 participants)


  • Coordination meeting on the INTAS project (Scientific Research Institute of oncology of Petrov, February 6-8)
  • Science Practice for Cardiologists “Heart and Diabetics” (European Society of Cardiologists, October 23-25)
  • Seminar “Implementation of Court Decisions in Civil and Commercial Cases” (in the framework of the joint program of European Commission and Council of Europe for  the Russian Federation) (Council of Europe, Judicial Ministry of the PF, September 9-10, 50 participants)
  • Seminar “Improvement of Population Access to the Environment Information” TACIS Project (European Commission Local Support Office in Saint-Petersburg, January, September)
  • Seminar of Nordic Council of Ministers (February 13 - 16)
  • Seminar of Northern Council of Ministers “Northern Dimension: Environment and Cross-Border Cooperation” (April 24-25, 100 participants)
  • Seminar of the Baltic Sea Countries (March 21-23)
  • Week of Sweden in Saint-Petersburg (Stockholm Office in Saint-Petersburg, April 21-28)


  • "Antiparasite" (March)
  • "Book Vavilon" (February)
  • "Drevotech", "Zdrav-expo", "Protection of Labour" (April)
  • "Expogas" (March 17-22)
  • "Intertool 2003" (February)
  • "Materials Handling" (March 24-30)
  • Children's Music Festival "Jazz-Parnas" (May 4-8)
  • International contest of Musicians of Sergey Prokofiev (March 7-21)
  • International Ecological Festival “Green Look” (Environmental Committee of Saint-Petersburg Administration, September, 150 participants)
  • International Festival-Competition “Peter-and-Paul Harmonicas Assembly” (Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory, April 19-26, 1000 participants)
  • International music festival-contest of folk instruments performers "Petropavlovskie assembles of accordion" (April 19-26)
  • International specialized Forum of Shoes and Leather "Shoes Around" (January 21-22)
  • ISU Gran Prix Finals of Figure Skating (International Federation of Figure Skating, Russian Federation of Figure Skating, February 28 – March 2, 200 participants)
  • Neva Book Forum – 2003 (June 13-16, 500 participants)
  • Specialized exhibition "Ecology and human"
  • Theatre Festival "Meetings in Russia" (March 10-20)
  • Visit of the delegation from Culture Department of Paris Government in framework of Festival “Paris in Saint-Petersburg” (May 6-12)
  • XII International Festival of Union of Theatres of Europe (Theatre-Festival “Baltiyskiy Dom”, September 27 – October 31)
  • Corporate day. Uralkali Corp. (July, St Petersburg, 120 pax)
  • Baltic Balc Terminal presentation (September, St Petersburg, 60 pax)
  • St Nikolas Church Choire concert tour (October, St Petersburg, 28 pax)
Events held in 2002


  • Homepage of 5th Nordic-Baltic Congress On Infectious Diseases Towards Optimal Diagnostics and Management
  • AES 21st International Conference on Architectural Acoustics & Sound Reinforcement (June 1-3)
  • IX International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems, ( May 27 -29)
  • Homepage of the 8th Annual CEREAN Conference "Capital - The Lifeblood of The Real Estate Market: Mortgage, Finance, Safety of Investment" (October 17-19)
  • V All-Russia Conference "Informational society technologies - Internet and Modern Society" (Interdisciplinary Center of Saint-Petersburg State Universuty, November 25-28)

  • Conference "Unconventional Hydrocarbon Sources and Renewable Energy Sources" (October 21-24)

  • International Conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Leningrad area (August)

  • Conference "Celestial Mechanics 2002" (September)

  • VIIIth International Conference "Mossbauer spectroscopy and its application" (Scientific Research Institute of chemistry of the Saint-Petersburg State Universuty, July 8-12)

  • II Meeting of the International Heteropterists Society (July)

  • Annual Conference of Russian Federation Railway Ministry. 

  • International Science School "Modelling and Analisys of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems" (Machinery Problems Research Institute, July 2 - 5)

  • III Meeting of All-russian Biochemical Society (Biochemestry department of the Military Medical Academy, June 26 - July 1)

  • Conference "Theory and Practice of Economic-Geological Evaluation of Oil and Gas Installations. Investment Attractiveness Evaluation" (June 24 - 28)

  • Conference "7th Bulatov Readings" (St.Petersburg State Medical University, hospital therapy department, June 18 - 19)

  • Conference "Pressing Questions of Haematology and Transfusiology" (Institute of Haematology and Transfusiology, June 18 - 20)

  • IV International Simposium "Molecular Order and Mobility in Polimer Systems" (Russian Science Academy Institute of High-molecular Compounds, June 3 - 7)

  • Conference "Transit Shallow Water of Continental Shelf as the Nearest Reserve of Hydrocarbon for Russian Federation and its Areas" (June 3 - 5)

  • Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation (BASREC) Conference on the Testing Ground for the developement and implementation of the flexible mechanisms of the Kioto protocol (the Testing Ground Conference, May 27 - 28)

  • Conference "The Kolosov Readings" (Pavliv Institute of Physiology, May 27 - 31)

  • Conference "Neuroimmunology" (Institute of Human Brain, May 14 - 18)

  • Russian-German Forum "Petersburger Dialog" (Veimar, Germany)

  • Conference "Biochemestry for Medicine" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of biochemistry department of Military Medical Academy (January 31 - February 1)

  • Forum of Polygraphic Workers of Saint-Petersburg (Union of Polygraphic Workers, January 22 - 23)


  • Seminars of International Center of Economics, Science and Technology (January - February)

  • Seminars of International Center of Economics and Technology (January - February)

  • Seminar of Institute of experimental psychology "Imaton" (January - February)

  • Seminar for school teachers of Russian language in Baltic countries (University of Teaching Skills, August 8 - 20)

  • Nothern States Parliaments' Representatives Visit (June 27 -29)

  • Seminar "Dataware of International Cooperation on Science and Education" (Interdisciplinary Center of Saint-Petersburg State University, June 24 - 26)

  • Annual Technical Seminar "White nights of Si-Nord", dedicated to electronic security arrangement (June 3 - 7)

  • Seminar on AIDS (Paster Scientific Research Institute, May 29 - June 1)

  • Second Cycle of Demonstrative Operations of American Cardiosurgens (Cardiology Scientific Research Institute, May 25 - June 1)

  • First Cycle of Demonstrative Operations of American children's Cardiosurgens "Save Children" (Cardiology Scientific Research Institute, May 18 - 25)

  • Seminar "Metallurgy" in the framework of 4th specialized exhibition "Metallurgy" (April 16 - 19)

  • Seminar of the Nordic Council of Ministers (April 7 - 9)

  • Educational programme "New managers of Russia" - Nord Praktik (Stockholm Representatives in Saint-Petersburg, February 27 - March 1)

  • Seminar of  the German Company TUV Nord (February 17 - March 1)

  • Seminar of International Journalistic Center of Russian Science Academy (February 13 - 17)

  • Educational Seminar on UNAIDS/WHO with the help of Russian Federation Health Ministry (Paster Scientific Research Institute, February 5 -7)


  • International Theater Festival, "Baltiisky Dom" (October)

  • VII International festival of ecological movies "Zeleny Vzgl'ad"

  • "FOSP" presentation (August)

  • Presentation of new "Dirol" by "Dendy Distributions"

  • Presentation of German Universities in Russia (Russian State Hertzen teacher's training college, Moscow representatives of the German service of academic exchange, May)

  • Annual contest of young clothes designers "Admiralty Needle"


  • "Antinarco" (Alsima-Expo, November)

  • "PAP.FOR" (Sivel, November)

  • "Northwest Zdrav-Expo" (Ros-Med-Expo, November)

  • Specialized exhibition "Book Nevsky Forum" (June)

  • 1st international specialized exhibition "Fixing and Hardware Products - 2002" (Alsima-Expo, May 29 - June 1)

  •  specialized exhibition "BIOTECHNOLOGY - 2002" (May 14 – May 17, 2002)

  • "Antiparasite" (May)

  • Specialized exhibition "Ecology and human" (Sivel, April)

  • VII specialized exhibition "Drevotech" (Sivel, May)


Events held in 2001
  • Participation in organization of Conference of Russian-German Fund "Petersburger Dialog" that was held under the patronage of President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schreder


  • "Paper World" (Sivel, 05 - 09.09.01)
  • "Expowood" (Sivel, 26 - 30.09.01)
  • Presentation of "Frederic M" French perfumery and cosmetic company
  • “Spring fashion week” (Orticon, March)
  • “Style-Furniture-Design” (Orticon, March)
  • “Sport” (Orticon, March)
  • “Drevotech” (Sivel, March)
  • “Safety&Securety” (Sivel, March)
  • “Sport” (Orticon, March)
  • “Cottadge-Farmstead-2001” (Expo-Balt, March)
  • “Autoworld” (Orticon, April)
  • “Beauty, Health, Longevity” (Sivel, April)
  • “Chemistry’ 2001” (Orticon, May)
  • “Biotechnology” (Sivel, May)
  • “Automation. Devices. Robots” (Sivel, June)
  • “Rus-Gaz-Expo” (Orticon, June)
  • “HI-TECH” (Restec, June)
  • “Metallurgy” (Restec, June)
  • “Printex” (Orticon, September)
  • “Paper world” (Sivel, September)
  • “Woodworking” (Sivel, September)
  • “Sport” (Orticon, October)
  • “Beauty, Health, Longevity” (Sivel, November)
  • “Autumn fashion week” (Orticon, November)


  • I International Conference "Current Problems in Optics of Natural Waters - 2001" (State Optical Institute, 25 - 29.09.01)
  • 9th All-Russian Conference on Kidney Physiology and Pathology and Water-Salt Metabolism (Institute of Nephrology, September 12-14)
  • Conference “Modern Problems in Diagnostics and Treating of Arterial Hypertension” (St.Petersburg State Medical University, Institute of Cardiology, October 4-5)
  • Conference "Heart Failture: From Research to Everyday Practice" (European Society of Cardiology, October, 25-27)
  • Conference “Modern Problems of Severe Injury”, dedicated to 70th anniversary of Department of Field Surgery of the Military Medical Academy (November 1-2)
  • International Conference “Russian Epidemiology Achievements in 20th Century. Look To the Future”, dedicated to Academician V.D.Beliakov's 80th jubilee (Military Medical Academy, Department of General and Military Epidemiology, November 15-16)
  • Conference “Modern Cardiology In 21st century” to be held by Department of Naval and General Therapy of the Military Medical Academy (November 22-23)
  • All-Russian Union Of Theatre Workers Conference (June 26-July 1).
  • International Mathematical Conference under the aegis of the State University (June 17-24).
  • International Ecological Conference under the aegis of the World Health Organization (July 9-13).
  • United Nations International Drug Control Program Assocazione "Casa Famiglia Rosetta"
  • I Meeting of St. Petersburg Union of Polygraphists
  • Conference "Cooperation in social sphere between Russia and countries of EC"
  • X Conference on Problems of Neuroimmunology and Neurology
  • V International Conference "Days of Immunology in St.-Petersburg"
  • Conference on New Medical Technologies in Cardiology, devoted to 70th Anniversary of Ac. V.A. Almazov
  • IV Russian Congress on Endocrinology
  • Regional Congress of International Society for Psychoneuroendocrinology
  • Conference "Current Problems of Modern Diagnostics and Treatment of Arterial Hypertension"
  • International Symposium of WHO, VHPB, CDC, UNICEF, GAVI and Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation: "Immunization Systems and Introduction of Hepatitis B Vaccine in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States"
  • V International Federation of Automatic Control Symposium "Nonlinear Control Systems" (NOLCOS'01)
  • Regional International Conference "Exploration and Production Operations in Difficult and Sensitive Areas"
  • 8th International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (“Elektropribopr”, May, 150 participants)
  • I International Conference in Optics of Natural Waters ONW-2001 (Rozhdestvensky Optical Society, September, 100 participants)
  • I International Scientific and Practical Conference “Building Ceramics on the edge of the XXI century” (“Sphinx”, April, 50 participants)
  • IV Russian Conference on Circuit Boards “RASKON-2001” (“Restek”, June, 100 participants)


  • Seminars of the Nordic Council of Ministers:

     06 (09.09.01), 19 (23.09.01), 

     04 (05.10.01), 13 (17.10.01).

  • Business meeting of representatives of German companies (“Phaeton”, June, 30 participants)
  • Seminar for International financial and economic development center employees, Moscow, June, 15 participants
  • Board of Directors of the German company UHDE, June, 10 participants
  • International scientific seminar of the State University of Communications, June, 15 participants
  • Seminar WHO “2nd generation HIV infection surveillance for selection countries of Eastern Europe”
  • Seminars of International Center of Economics, Science and Technology
  • Seminar "Information Support of International Cooperation in Field of Science and Education" (Interdisciplinary Center of St. Petersburg State University)
  • Seminar on Library Problems of Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Seminar of Nordic Council of Ministers (Nord Praktik)
  • Seminar "The Role of informational Technologies in the field of Management of Social Life" (Representatives of Stockholm)
  • Seminar on Paleoecology
  • Cardiology round-table (April, Cyprus, Israel, 17 pax)


  • Rock-festival “Open the windows”
  • 12th International Children's Music Festival, "...And We Will Have Music Wherever We Go" (March 24-31)
  • 3rd International Festival of One Man Shows, "Monocle" (March, the "Baltiisky Dom" Theater)
  • 11th International Theater Festival, "Baltiisky Dom" (October)
  • International Musical Festival-Competition "Peter and Paul Harmonicas Assembly"
  • “The Northern Venice Ball” – international dance competition (May 11-14).
  • Theatre festival “Warsaw Week End In St.Petersburg” (May 10-15).
  • Violin master class in the frames of “Musical Olympus” international festival (May 26-June 5).
  • 6th International Military Brass Bands Festival. (May 26-28).


Events held in 2000

  • Ice Hockey World Championship 2000

Congresses, conferences, symposia

  • The Annual Congress of the International Hockey Federation in the frames of the World Hockey Championship.
  • 5th International Conference on polar magnetic storms, hold by the Arctic & Antarctic Institute.
  • Conference on ecological geology of the Barents Sea Region.
  • International ecological congress “New Approach in Ecology and Life Safety”.
  • II Meeting of Vavilov Society of Genetics and Selectionists
  • IX Conference on Neuroimmunology
  • IV International Conference "Days of Immunology in St. Petersburg
  • International Conference on Hormonal Carcinogenesis: Mechanisms and Prevention
  • Conference "Progress and problems in diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular diseases"
  • XXX All-Russian Meeting on the Problems of Higher Nervous Activity
  • International Forum "Modernization of Real Estate Objects and Engineering Infrastructure of Russia's Cities in XXI Century"
  • Conference on Current Problems of Haematology and Transfusiology
  • All-Russian Conference "Modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment of nervous and mental illnesses"
  • International Workshop on Interface Controlled Materials: Research and Design
  • International Ophtalmological Congress "White Nights"
  • International Conference "IMACS ACA - 2000: Applications of computer algebra"
  • All-Russian Conference "People and Institutions"
  • International Conference of Russian Geographic Society
  • International Workshop on Physics of Isomers
  • II International Conference "Prospects of development and exploitation of the fuel and energy base of the North-West of Russia"
  • II International Congress "Weak and hyperweak fields and radiation in biology and medicine"
  • Infectious Disease Control Project in the Barents and Baltic Sea regions, organized by the National Institute of Public Health, Norway
  • VII All-Russia Medical Congress in Anaesthesiology
  • I Sociological Congress "Society and Sociology: New Reality and New Ideas"
  • All-Russia Conference"100 years Faculty Therapy Department named after G.F.Lang. Major Achievements and Adherence to Traditions"
  • 285-anniversary Conference of Naval Clinical Hospital
  • X National Congress on Lung Diseases
  • 60-anniversary Conference of Naval and General Therapy Department "Modern Problems of Therapy and Naval Medicine"
  • All-Russia Conference 'Internet and Modern Society"
  • Simposium of Neurosurgery Institute named after Prof. A.L.Polenov "Hydrocephaly"
  • 110-anniversary Conference of Institute of Experimental Medicine

Presentations, festivals, competitions

  • Presentation of "Neuhaus" Gallery of design and interior
  • Presentation of "Frederic M" French perfumery and cosmetic company
  • International Week of Fashion and Modelling Art "The Admiralty Needle-2000"
  • International Jazz Festival "Armstrong's Gold Trumpet"
  • “Baltic Cup” – ball-dances.
  • The Baltic House Festival.
  • “Peter’s Cup” kick-boxing competition.


  • More than twenty seminars which were run by
  • "Neuhaus" Gallery of design and interior
  • IMATON Company
  • "Novartis" Pharma Services Inc.
  • International Centre of Economics, Science and Technology
  • Interdisciplinary Centre of St. Petersburg State University
  • International Centre of Economics and Technology
  • National Institute of Public Health, Norway
  • Nordic Council of Ministers (Nord Praktik)
  • Xerox-Vart Company
  • Infosolve AS "Seminar on Softare"
  • Educational seminars of AIESEC
  • "XXI century Hospital" incentive program for the group of top managers of St Petersburg Medical Institutes (September, Chernogorya, 34 pax)


  • "Style-Furniture-Design", "Drevotech", "Cottage-Farmstead"
  • "Trading Petersburg"
  • "Spring Fashion Week", "Autumn Fashion Week"
  • "Ros-Gas-Expo", "Municipal Management", "Extreem-2000"
  • "Control Systems. Instruments. Robots"
  • "Autoworld"
  • "Chemistry", "Biotechnology"
  • "Sport"
  • "Applies Decorative Arts"
  • "Expofurniture", "Woodworking", "PAP.FOR"
  • "Highway - Parking - Filling Station"
  • "Interhospital"
  • "Beauty. Health. Longevity"
  • "Energy Saving and Ecology"
Events held in 1999

Congresses, conferences, symposia

  • IX World Conference on Titanium
  • 275th anniversary of St. Petersburg State University
  • Conference on Ecology
  • III International Symposium "Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer Systems"
  • II Congress of Pirogov Association of surgeons
  • VIII Conference on Neuroimmunology
  • Conference "Days of Immunology in St. Petersburg"
  • II Conference "Psychology and Business"
  • International Conference "World of Geschtalt"
  • Conference "Nonlinear Science at the border of the Millennium"
  • International conference on Unconventional Electromechanical and Electrical Systems
  • All-Russian Conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of A.L. Myasnikov
  • International Symposium "Mechanisms of adaptive behavior"
  • International Conference "Digital Libraries"
  • Conference "Internet and Modern Society"
  • International workshop on applied aspects of interface science
  • Infectious Disease Control Project in the Barents and Baltic Sea regions, organized by the National Institute of Public Health, Norway


  • "Forest Resource Management in NorthWest Russia, the Karelia Project" (TACIS Project)
  • "Demand Side Management. Energy Audit at Industrial Enterprises"
  • Russian-Swedish Seminar on Contemporary Art
  • International seminar on Epidemiology, organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Seminar of Educational institutions of Sweden

Presentations, festivals, competitions

  • Presentation of a new model of separation unit for sea vessels fuel by "Alfa Laval"
  • III International Prokofiev Competition
  • Presentation of "Neuhaus" Gallery of design and interior
  • Bolshoy Theatre Guest performance
  • "Vikings in Petersburg sauna" - 30-th anniversary of the Swedish Sauna Fun Club
  • International Week of Fashion and Modelling Art "The Admiralty Needle -99"
  • Festival of Chicago Center of modern stomatology
  • Russian-American Youth Symphony Orchestra tours


  • "Style-Furniture-Design", "Drevotech", "Cottage-Farmstead"
  • "Spring Fashion Week", "Autumn Fashion Week"
  • "Sport"
  • "Eurofood", "Peterfood - World Food"
  • "Ros-Gas-Expo", "Municipal Management"
  • "Autoworld"
  • "Chemistry", "Energy saving and ecology"
  • "Pap.For (Forest and Paper)", "Expo-Furniture"
  • Health goods and services
  • "First Aid", "Interhospital"
  • "Lake Finland presents"
  • "Parking", "Filling Stations"
Events held in 1998

  • International Conference on Cardiology
  • Congress of Russian Cities
  • Meeting of Nordic Council of Ministers
  • International Week of Fashion and Modelling Art "The Admiralty Needle-98"
  • International Youth Musical Festival
  • XVI International Mendeleev Congress
  • XII Congress of European Society of Neurochemists
  • XXVII World Congress of Ex-libris & Book Illustration
  • International Conference of Surgeons on the 200th anniversary of the Military Medical Academy
  • 15 national and international exhibitions
Events held 1997
  • XXXIII International Congress of Physiology
  • International Congress of Heads of Baltic State Universities
  • Soros Foundation conference
  • Russian-American Youth Symphony orchestra guest performance under the patronage of Hillary Clinton and Naina Yeltsina
  • International Congress on “Macromolecular Compounds”
  • International Conference on “Vaccination problems in the Russian Federation”
  • Conference on the 100th anniversary of St. Petersburg Medical University
  • Incentive program for winners of the Russian Merchant Club award (May, Paris, 65 pax)

Events held 1996

  • Incentive program for the best dealers of Marli group (October, Finland - Sweeden, 86 pax)

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Personal Note
• Smolny Cathedral

Dear Travel Partner, once, perhaps, You have been wondering - what is behind the Russian enigma? And what is the reason for St. Petersburg to attract the growing number of foreign travellers? Is it because Russia spreads in Europe and Asia both and thus trip means multiple experience? Or simply because St. Petersburg is the incomparable Empress of the Baltic?

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