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Monomax Ltd. is a known leader in creative event solutions.

We will help you to plan and manage any event to the highest of standards, be it a small meeting to a large scale congress.

  • Congresses
  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Seminars
  • Round tables
  • Workshops
  • Business visits
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Sport events
  • Presentations
Since its foundation, Monomax Ltd. has managed over 400 significant conference events. We have professional experience encompassing every aspect of conference management, and we demonstrate our abilities by creating well-planned and successfully realized events.

What do you get working with us?

  • You get our experience
    We are specialists in conference management as we have been doing this for 10 years. A track record that means we know what works and how to make it work.
  • You get a complete package of services 
    We offer a broad range of services to plan and manage your event, including venue selection, technical secretariat management, delivery of all types of equipment, transportation, excursions, etc.
  • You get creative partnership
    In order to achieve outstanding results we work in partnership with you to help you to develope a complete vision for your event. This means that we focus on your goals, are committed to your success, share your vision, and work hard to create new concepts, original themes, and imaginative solutions.
  • You get additional staff for your event
    We will recruit staff to manage your event "on-site" to provide for "smooth" running, including registration, meet and greet services, etc. This will allow you to put your time and energy forwards other important areas, such as recruiting speakers and developing the agenda.
  • You get our network and technology
    We have an extensive network of proven contacts and suppliers in place to ensure that we can provide top-class services and competitive prices at all stages. We offer the most advanced technologies, including databases and on-line co-ordination capabilities.

Sights to see
Mikhailovsky ("Engineers") Castle

The castle is a branch of the Russian Museum, and regularly holds exhibitions. There is a permanent display of portraits of members of the Romanov dynasty and Russian aristocracy.

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